5 Reasons to Go on Safari This Summer

Safari Game Drive

An African safari can be as emotional as it is spiritual and educational. Those are subjective reasons based on feelings, and yes, education is subjective because not everyone learns. The reasons we will give for going on an African safari are concrete that exists in everybody’s reality.

If you can travel now, the year after the world had to close because of the pandemic, you would experience so much joy from just being out in nature. Before we start giving our top reasons to go on an African safari, we must preface by saying that we are not responsible for any emotional or spiritual feelings you might encounter, or even if you learn something life-changing while on this African safari.

So what are the top five reasons to go on an African safari this year?

The Serengeti

After spending an entire year working from home, attending Zoom meetings, and pretty much being around electronic devices (for everything from exercising to learning), the Serengeti and its vast ecosystem is the first place you’d want to go. It is 12,000 square miles or 30,000 square kilometers of sheer amazement. The name Serengeti comes from the Maasai language meaning “endless plains.” The Serengeti ecosystem had been shaped by early humans during the Stone Age and can be observed by NASA’s Terra satellite. The view from the satellite could symbolically be the eyes of the future reading what the past left behind.

The Great Migration

Millions of animals such as zebras, antelopes, wildebeests, and other herd animals make this long, dangerous journey to secure the continuation of their species. Some won’t make it, but it is fair to say they have to take this journey, as it is the law of the land. It is spectacular to witness and poetic in nature, as it tells us what we consider as tragic is part of the beautiful, miraculous plan.

Experience Endangered Species

There aren’t many left, but you can only experience what we do have by going on an African safari. The beauty of this is that you will see as they lived back in the day because this has always been their home. Incidentally, we only have two northern white rhinoceros left in the entire world, and both are females. The feeling you get when you see a rhino in its natural habitat is awe-inspiring. So think of this as a call-to-action — once an endangered species becomes extinct, you will never have the chance to meet the magnificent creatures.

Great Opportunities for Spectacular Photographs

Whether you’re a beginning photographer or an experienced one, all the pictures are just about guaranteed masterpieces. African safaris are so full of moments in time that the photographs taken here can convey strong feelings.

Safaris Are Just Fun

The last reason we will include is just for the sake of visiting beautiful, scenic landscapes and wild animal families in their natural habitat with your family and friends for a first-time reunion. This is true unity at its best.

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