Safari Travel After COVID

Traveling after COVID-19

The pandemic changed our perspective across many industries. Within the travel industry, vacation trends lean towards wildlife vacations and those with a mission and meaning. This new trend has put ToKenya Safaris front and center.

At least for the moment, gone is the vacation without meaning where the main task is spending money frivolously without any regard to the future. Yes folks, travel after COVID is now different. During the pandemic, it was established that wide-open outdoor spaces were among the first places declared safest, and coincidentally, wildlife travels with a mission are now trending.

On social media, you’ll see influencers looking at safaris, including wilderness travel, to facilitate social distancing.

Socially conscious travels offer spiritual growth by connecting with nature. If you decide to go on an African safari, such as those offered by ToKenya Safaris, you will learn so much, such as how climate change affects the Serengeti ecosystem. Undoubtedly, you will come back more enlightened and with enough motivation to put your younger self to shame. Most importantly, you will come back with a deeper appreciation for the wildlife that awaits your arrival.

Now for some more important information about staying safe and healthy in public when traveling after COVID. If there is one important takeaway we have learned during the pandemic, that is how to stay relatively hygienic when in public places. Lessons learned during COVID are critical, especially since we can apply them to our travel after COVID.

Here are some important rules to apply to traveling after COVID:

  • Keep your distance when around strangers. We aren’t saying to stand six feet apart, but too close shouldn’t be a habit either. Face masks are a good idea, specifically when traveling after COVID.
  • Keep your face masks handy. When you’re breathing the same recycled air in an airplane, it is a nice little layer of protection. These face masks are also helpful in keeping allergies under control. Colds and the flu don’t spread as easily when a face mask is worn.
  • As for handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer, this is an excellent habit to keep whether you are visiting the grocery store or plan to travel after COVID. This is a great lesson learned from the pandemic. Hand washing has always been a healthy habit, but people got lazy. The pandemic brought handwashing back by reminding us of its benefits.

Let us not forget the good habits brought on by the pandemic so that we never have another pandemic again!

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