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Ahadi Silver Safari

Many find the Ahadi Silver Safari a great experience because of its simplicity, which we call interactivity. As in life, when you have the knowledge, a little goes a long way. Our expert staff are all from Kenya and have the knowledge that arrives by way of wisdom. We decided to call it the Ahadi (which means promise in Swahili) because it promises to be the best safari for those who have never been on a safari or who want to experience the magic of their first safari.

Our packages include accommodations with fantastic lodges and tented camps that have been hand-selected by our expert travel planners.

We offer the following itineraries:

12-Day Kenya and Tanzania

Our premier 12-day package showcases the best that Kenya and Tanzania have to offer — the beauty of our ecosystems, majestic wildlife, and cultural traditions.

10-Day Treasures of Africa

With trips to Amboseli National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti, and Maasai Mara National Reserve, you’ll earn a lifetime of education in just a few days.

10-Day Kenya Big Game

If it’s getting up close with elephants or seeing more rare species such as the Reticulated Giraffe and Grevy’s Zebra, you’ll be sure to get your dose of wildlife viewing.

9-Day Savannah and Beach

Spend your days engaged in spectacular viewing of Big 5 animals such as the leopard, then bask in the warm glow of the East African sun with our 9-day blended package

8-Day Tanzania Classic

View the dazzling wildlife that live in the Ngorongoro Crater during a picnic lunch, or witness the annual Great Migration of two million animals across the Serengeti.

8-Day Samburu Mara

Your trip to all the best conservancies and reserves starts here, with visits to Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Samburu National Reserve, and Shaba Game Reserve.

8-Day Kenya Highlights

Points of interest include Kenya’s first rhino sanctuary at Lake Nakuru National Park, the sparkling Malakai Waterfall, and the splendid Maasai Mara National Reserve.

8-Day Tanzania Highlights

Take a walking safari of Tarangire National Park, a hot balloon ride across the Serengeti, or visit a tribal village and learn what makes this region so breathtaking.

7-Day Karibu Kenya

Morning and afternoon game drives at top hotspots will get your mind racing with excitement. Be ready with your camera to capture those exhilarating moments!

5-Day Kenya Escape

Craving an escape into the East African wilderness? Look no further than our 5-day Kenya Escape, with opportunities to view giraffes, flamingos, and much more.

5-Day Tanzania Northern Circuit

Travel across the northern safari circuit of Tanzania, with stops at the world’s largest intact volcanic crater at Ngorongoro, the Serengeti landscape, and Lake Manyara.

4-Day Kenya Beach

Satisfy your need for a blissful beachside retreat with our 4-day getaway to the East African coast. Our unspoiled beaches provide the perfect backdrop for a little R&R.

3-Day Zanzibar

Take a bike ride to experience all that Zanzibar has to offer, with cultural tours, world-class shopping, and great dining. Or, go to the seaside and pamper yourself.