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Love Letter to Kenya

Welcome everyone!

The first love of my life, other than my family, is Kenya, my homeland. Kenya has given me many gifts. She provided a place for my parents to build our family home and my brothers and sisters a place to play and learn. Kenya also protected and taught us how to live alongside our majestic wildlife while learning from them.

I started our company to provide knowledge about our wildlife and ecosystems for those who come to visit. It isn’t a secret that there is imminent danger of global warming, affecting the ecosystem, which impacts us. Many don’t understand that, but knowledge will break the barrier because lives will be lost by not knowing.

Knowledge is only part of the solution. There is also a monetary component that is important, so with my gracious staff’s help, I am proud to say that ToKenya has partnered up with several animal conservation organizations. A percentage of the proceeds from every safari will be donated, so that when a safari is purchased through ToKenya, everyone has a great experience, and that fun is helping Kenya.

I look at our wildlife as living beings with feelings, and they, like us deserve the home that God provided for them. They are a crucial part of our ecosystem, and we rely on them, as they depend on us to protect them. Maybe not consciously, but as a silent partner invested in their future.

I have been a vegetarian for most of my life, and I am also privileged to say I am from Kenya. People from all parts of the world come to see the beauty I grew up around. We were all taught to respect our animals, and you will see that they are very respectful of your presence, provided they don’t feel threatened.

My love for Kenya will put a face and soul into every animal the world sees, and it is that love that will protect her. It is that love that I share through ToKenya Safaris.

Hopefully, the legacy I leave behind will help the future generations of both human and wildlife in my beloved country of Kenya.

Respectfully yours,

Charles Kasinga
ToKenya Safaris