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Lake Manyara National Park

Spanning 125 square miles and located in the northern part of Tanzania just northwest of Tarangire National Park, this small scenic nature wonderland is bordered by Lake Manyara itself. Located about 60 miles from the town of Arusha, it is home to Lake Manyara, the seventh largest lake in Tanzania.

From the small forests featuring Baobab and acacia flat-roofed trees to the colorful flamingos, grey crowned cranes, and Fischer’s sparrow-larks that permeate the region, nature and bird lovers will be in hog heaven! The park is also home to nearly 700 flowering plant species and

The park, established in 1960, offers many activities, from canoeing to visiting the Lake Manyara Treetop Walkway, an 1200-foot airwalk that lets you walk among the treetops and get an aerial view of the forests below. One can also get an incredible view of the steep rift valley escarpment. 

There’s another big reason to visit Lake Manyara National Park — the famous tree-climbing lions! These sleek creatures climb and reside on the ancient mahogany and acacias during the rainy season. There are also a large number of elephants and baboons in the area, and you can also get a glimpse of the vervet monkeys.

For those seeking to bring home souvenirs from their visit, they can visit Mto Wa Mbu, a local farming and market village that lies at the entrance of the park and is renowned for their red bananas.



lake manyara national park

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