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Tarangire National Park

The beauty of Tarangire’s wildlife and the behind the scene magic of its ecosystem will make for a fantastic and spiritual experience. This is also the place to see the tree climbing lions. Experts say there are more than 700 of these lions living in Tarangire National Park — quite a sight if you’re not used to it.

The Tarangire National Park is literally a lifeline, as it’s the only source of water for this area’s wildlife in the dry season. Located in Tanzania, in the Manyara region, the Tarangire National Park is 1,100 square miles of what many diverse species call home. Although Tarangire National Park is the sixth largest of the national parks in Tanzania, it is known to be the largest breeding grounds for species of birds in the world.

The Tarangire National Park is famous for its population of elephants and those beautiful and iconic baobab trees. The baobab tree is the chameleon of trees; they adapt to the environment — it is also known as the “Tree of Life.” In the rainy season it will soak up the water and store it in its trunk. This action makes it possible for the tree to produce a nutritious fruit that will help sustain life in the dry season. 

Many of the baobab trees will hold up to 1,000 gallons of water in their trunks. These trees are precious, and unfortunately climate change has started to kill off these ancient trees, some of them estimated to be 2,000 years old.


tarangire national park
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