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Our Safari Tours

Ahadi Silver Safari

Many find the Ahadi Silver Safari a great experience because of its simplicity, which we call interactivity.

Amani Gold Safari

If you love the idea of luxury but also want to experience a safari, the Amani Gold Safari is it. This allows you to put all of your energy into the actual safari without the hard effort.

Ajabu Sapphire Safari

The Ajabu Sapphire Safari is first class all the way, from the accommodations to the actual safari. We will customize it to your tastes and liking and hand deliver the results.

Anga Balloon Safari

Want to experience the thrill of a hot air balloon ride for your African safari? Go to new heights with the Anga Balloon Safari. Take the opportunity to see the breathtaking Savannah from a heavenly perspective (Anga means sky in Swahili).

Our balloon safaris are $349.